Welcome to Kaylani’s World!

Here, you’ll be joining Kaylani and her sisters Khloe and Cali on a thrilling journey to get to school on time! Once you pick from THREE exciting adventure options, you might just find that the route to school isn’t as easy as it seems.

Along the way, you’ll be faced with a clever pizza cat mascot, pesky flying seagulls, and a hyper Shiba puppy that all stand in your way of getting to school before that bell rings. It’ll be tricky, but with some luck, you can unlock a sister to help you in your quest! Not only that, but you’ll get to customize their looks with colorful earphones, helmets, and even Kawaii backpacks!

To get through this one-of-a-kind challenge without losing your three life bars, you’ll have to master some flying, jumping, and gliding moves on not one, but THREE different jet-fast hovercrafts! Don’t forget to look out for pizza cat tokens along the way-- if you collect enough of them, you can unlock special items on each new level! Well, what are you waiting for? Hop on board with Kaylani and her sisters before it’s too late!



Kaylani’s World Video Game Version 1.12
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The Skill of Organization

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