Welcome to Kaylani’s World, where your objective is to join Kaylani, and her sisters Khloe, and Cali get to school on time. There are three different exciting and challenging adventures to choose from. You will unlock each sister through winning each classic game mode available. Throughout the game you will encounter a pizza cat mascot, flying seagulls,

and an overly excited Shiba puppy, that can prevent you from getting to school on time. Not only will you be able to join one of these three fun sisters, but you will also get to customize their outfits with earphones,  safety helmets, and even colorful kawaii backpacks! Get through the one of a kind exciting and challenging obstacles to avoid losing any of your three life bars, at the same time collect pizza cat tokens in each level to unlock the special items. You will be first using a fast paced futuristic hover board, next a hover scooter that swoons throughout the airwaves with great ease and lastly, a hover bike in which you pedal vigorously all trying to coordinate your moves, all with the jet fast ability to jump and fly great distances throughout the suburbs with Kaylani, Khloe and Cali to school on time. Once you get the hang of it you can strategically plan your moves in order to collect enough coins and make it to class all before the bell rings! So, come aboard and enjoy this 3D ADVENTURE!!!


Game Updates:

Kaylani’s World Update, Version 1.12
October 4, 2019

New Game Updates:

- New promotional video & in game images

- Third Character available for unlock

- Hover Bike now available for unlock for third character

- Level 2 Ocean Adventure availble for unlock

- Improvements to AI and new enemies

- New Splash Page for Title Screen

- Time powerup


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Game Trailer

Game Trailer